September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


Together, We'll Make a Difference & Raise Awareness for Childhood Cancer!

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What We're About

Who We Are

  We are an organization of people working to educate others on the realities and issues surrounding childhood cancer in America today.

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Our Goals

 Our biggest desire is to increase the awareness of the needs of blood, plasma, and bone marrow donations, to name a few. Without these life-giving donations, many patients could not succeed in fighting their battle with cancer.

Our History

  Our eyes were opened to the world of childhood cancer beginning in 2018 when the Jones family found out that their 8-year-old son had leukemia. Their journey brought us to start an awareness campaign in Rockwall County, Texas, beginning in the summer of 2019.

Children's Cancer Fund


Children's Cancer Fund


Children’s Cancer Fund champions kids in their fight against cancer through strategic investments in research and care in North Texas.

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